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About Dr. Nuzum

Dr. Nuzum lives in Nampa, Idaho and from there he brings you his line of supplements and products endorsed on his website. These products are of the highest quality to help you reach your greatest healing potential.

Dr. Nuzum and his team are passionate, dedicated and committed to you! We are here to guide and help you meet your health goals and to assist you in maintaining your vitality for life.

With over 20 years of clinical experience, Dr. Nuzum's takes great pride in the quality of his unique fulvic acid and humic acid formulas. He has developed fulvic acids that work specifically in combination with other compounds in his line of supplements. This enhances their bio-availability at a cellular level to unlock its full potential.

Dr. Nuzum also designed all of the products offered by Epigenetic Labs, and has developed many of his own formulas. Need to detox? Try the Dr. Nuzum Two Week Detox Plan today!

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“Dr. Nuzum’s primary goal is to help and support individuals find their way back to optimal health, naturally!”

Dr. Nuzum