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Dr. Nuzum’s Clinic, Nuzum’s Naturals, is located in Nampa, Idaho and brings you individualized holistic therapies. His line of supplements, and products endorsed on our website, are of the highest quality for your greatest healing potential.

Dr. Nuzum and his team are passionate, dedicated and committed to you! We are here to guide and help you meet your health goals and to assist you to maintain your own vitality for life!

With over 20 years of clinical experience, Dr. Nuzum's takes great pride in the quality of his unique fulvic and humic Acid formulas. Not all fulvic acids are the same. Dr. Nuzum has developed fulvic acids that work specifically in combination with other compounds in his line of supplements. This enhances their bio-availability at a cellular level to unlock its full potential.

“Our company’s primary goal is to help and support individuals find their way back to optimal health, naturally!”

Dr. Nuzum

Dr. Nuzum

Daniel Nuzum NMD, DO, DN is a Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine, Medical Acupuncturist and Nutritional Supplement Formulator with a passion to help others find their “vitality for life.” He is also a licensed Tribal Practitioner, a counsel licensed Doctor of Natural Medicine and an osteopathic doctor. In 2002, he founded Nuzum’s Naturals located in Nampa, Idaho. The clinic serves the entire Treasure Valley area with a list of of eager patients waiting for a health transformation, thanks to Dr. Nuzum’s simple approach – healing foods paired with supplements formulated by the doctor himself.

His practice is one piece in his journey to make an impact and fuel his desire to be a resource to more people, which lead to the creation of this site. Here you can purchase his exclusive formulas and be inspired by his approach to health, regardless of your location.

His vast background is in many facets of natural medicine and deeply inspired by a passion for people and helping others. Dr. Nuzum frequently pursues opportunities to educate. He has made guest appearances on “The Truth About Cancer,” with Ty Bolinger, as an expert discussing the connection between fluoride and bone cancer.

Dr. Nuzum's story is unique. He grew up in a family of naturopaths and was the only biological son to Scott and Joanne Nuzum. Daniel was seven years old when his parents started adopting children and they didn’t stop until thirty-two children found a happy and healthy home. Throughout the time of these adoptions, his parents cared for many children with special needs. His upbringing is what sparked Dr. Nuzum’s passion for giving back and healing through natural techniques. Dr. Nuzum found inspiration for his future career in learning from the care his family provided.

Daniel received his license to practice natural medicine at the age of 20. He was the youngest licensed naturopath in US history at that time. His path has taken him to several countries, including Mexico, where he worked for several years in different cities and with many different tribes. He also served for many years as a professor, sharing his knowledge by traveling throughout North America, South America and the Caribbeans.

His passion for healing the body via natural properties manifested into formulating supplements exclusively for his patients and others looking to find their “vitality for health.” With 17 years of formulation experience, Dr Nuzum brought to life his line of products in 2008. His line specializes in his high quality fulvic acid- a compound that’s being depleted in our foods today and is necessary for proper nutrition absorption and toxin elimination. After researching this compound for years, Dr Nuzum has become one of the leading researchers and educators in his field. His passion for staying on the cutting edge of development lead him to develop Dr Nuzum’s Nutraceuticals which makes Super Earth Energy and Inflamagone.

Dr. Nuzum, and his wife Gina, live in Nampa, Idaho, where they enjoy spending time with family and friends. Together, they have five children and love to share the natural path to health. Their mission is to transform health on a global level; their greatest desire is for you to achieve wellness.

Dr. Nuzum's Education:

  • The North American College of Naprapathic Medicine 1994-1998
  • The Southern College of Naturopathic Medicine 1998-2000
  • The Central States College of Health Sciences 2000-2004
  • Apprenticed at Central States College of Health Sciences in Tuina and Medical Acupuncture 2005-2006
  • Professor of Manual/Mechanotherapy, Botanical Medicine, and Oriental Therapeutics at the Central States College of Health Sciences 2000-2007
  • Panam University of Medicine;  Doctor of Osteopathy and Doctor of Oriental Medicine 2011-2014 
  • National University of Medical Sciences; Doctor of Osteopathy 2014-2015