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The History of Detoxification

The History of Detoxification

May 19th 2017

Detoxification is probably the oldest medical modality known to man. All Indigenous Medical Traditions begin their healing processes with detoxification, cleansing or purification. Here is the history … read more

Big Business and the Need For Detox

May 16th 2017

Large companies are relied upon to feed and provide fresh drinking water to the billions of people on the planet. With this burden, a majority of these corporations use toxic and unethical methods for … read more

How to Detoxify

May 15th 2017

Detoxification is important in helping your body to restore balance and your vitality for life. Within your body there are a number of systems that work to eliminate toxins and harmful substances that … read more

How Detox Can Impact Your Emotional and Mental Well-Being

May 9th 2017

There are many different reactions that your body can have when going through a detoxification program. This can include headaches, digestion issues, acne breakouts, cramping, and fatigue. This … read more

The Body’s Detoxification Pathways

May 8th 2017

Our bodies have connective tissue that also serves as a home for our immune system to hide out and lay wait for invaders. Our blood follows a route to our liver, our kidneys, and our lungs and ba … read more