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Boost Your Health With Blueberries

Boost Your Health With Blueberries

Posted by Gina Nuzum on Apr 8th 2017

Blueberries are a native American plant and an American favorite. They are sweet, succulent and can be added to many different recipes from salads to smoothies. They are very nutrient and antioxida … read more
Dr. Nuzum's Two Week Detox: Cleansing Cocktail Recipe

Dr. Nuzum's Two Week Detox: Cleansing Cocktail Recipe

Apr 8th 2017

Dr. Nuzum recommends integrating a cleansing cocktail into your daily routine while going through his Two Week Detox Program. The cleansing cocktail aids in keeping you hydrated, balancing your body’s … read more

Flatten Your Stomach for Health

Mar 29th 2017

This time of the year is when we are more aware of our stomach because we tend to be more active, go on vacation and participate in water activities. Most people go on strict diets to get ba … read more

Heavy Metals, How Do They Get In My Body and How Do I Get Them Out?

Posted by Gina on Mar 29th 2017

Today, humans are exposed to more toxic heavy metals than ever before and what happens to us from this exposure?Our bodies will utilize them if we do not have adequate supplies of healthy minerals as … read more