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Calm, Relax Essential Oil Blend 10ml

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Calm, Relax Essential Oil Blend 10ml

Feeling stressed, run down, even achy?

We all have those days. Break free from all that tension, physically and emotionally, with our calm, relief formula. This special blend of organic essential oils contains herbaceous high elevation lavender, sage and rosemary plus citrusy red mandarin and petitgrain to help soothe, sweeten and de-stress. Calm, relief helps you make a change - for the better. 

When to use:

Physical Tension - To help relieve muscular tension or pain associated with stress and/or settle the stomach, inhale for 30 seconds. For optimum results: inhale, rub and soak.

Emotional Stress - To help ease anxiety, calm the nerves and mind, and promote relaxation throughout the day, inhale for 30 seconds.  Use as often as needed, up to 10 times a day.



Adoption Issues, Anger, Anxiety, Backache, Calm, Cancer - emotional stress and fear, Cramps, Digestive distress, Fear, Fear of Being Alone, Fear of Flying, Inflammation, Insomnia, Lack of Bonding, Lack of Trust, Low Energy, Nervousness, Overwhelmed, Pain: Joint and Muscle, Pain: Menstrual Cramps/PMS, Relaxation, Sore Feet, Stomach Ache, Tight muscles, TMJ - tight jaw, Tummy Problems, Worry.



Therapeutic organic essential oils of rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary)*, sage officinalis (sage)*, cupressus semper-virens (cypress)*, lavandula angustifola (lavender)*, citrus aurantium amara (petitgrain sur fleurs), citrus reticulata (red mandarin), sunflower oil*; flower essences of vernonia escorpioides (asteraceae), agrimonia eupatoria (agrimony), castanea sativa (sweet chestnut), rock water (aqua petra), piper gaudichaudianum (pepper).

*certified organic ingredient