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Did you know that acid re-flux isn't caused from excess acid in your stomach?

Did you know that the stomachs resting pH should be an acidity of 4 pH?
Did you know that before the stomach can empty into the small intestine the pH of its contents must reach a 2 pH?
If we went on a picnic and you brought deviled eggs to the picnic and it is 98.6 degrees out, how long would it take for the eggs to go bad out in the sun? Not long at all, right? If the inside of your body is around 98.6 degrees and you eat something and it stays in your stomach for 2,3,4,7,9 hours, do you think the food might go bad? Of course, it would. 
This is the case in those that suffer from "acid re-flux". When the stomach pH doesn't drop fast enough for the food to be broken down and to empty into the intestines quick enough, the food putrefies in the stomach causing gas, and pathogenic fermentation. This gives rise to eruptions into the esophagus as the stomach churns its contents. In the squeezing, churning, and mixing that the stomach does in its part of the digestive process, back pressure and gas build up pushes upward causing re-flux.
Taking an anti-acid or some sort of alkali treatment only compounds the problem, and poisons you in the process. Reducing, neutralizing or eliminating the acid in the stomach will temporarily alleviate the symptoms, but leave you in a worse state physiologically. Neutralizing the stomach causes everything inside it to become toxic waste (bad food) and this travels down the GI tract further intoxicating you.
What do we do about this?
First, change to a diet of 50% raw, organic food and increase your intake of purified water.
Second, start my stomach protocol.
Dr. Nuzum's Digest - 1-2 capsules before meals - healing enzymes and probiotics that enhance the digestive process
Stomach Health - 2-4 capsules before meals - coats the stomach/digestive tract and soothes irritation caused by pH imbalance
Equalizer Concentrate - 4-10 sprays before meals - enhances the stomachs pH on contact
Bone Broth Protein - 1-2x daily - provides the gut with raw material for quick healing
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